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Pictures of Yasaka-jinja

Yasaka Shrine (Yasaka-jinja), once called Gion Shrine, is a Shinto shrine in the Gion District of Kyoto. The shrine includes several buildings, including gates, a main hall and a stage. Yasaka Shrine welcomes thousands of people at holidays and festivals.

Yasaka-jinjatoriiYasaka shrine
Yasaka-jinjaA statue outside of the shrineYasaka-jinja

A lot of lanterns decorate the stage of Yasaka Shrine.

stage og the Yasaka shrineLanterns Stage at night

It seems the national Japanese game has a motto sounds like "make a wish". You can see garlands of papers and small wooden plaques (Emas) with prayers or wishes in every shrine.

make a wishmake a wisha lot of Emas in the Yasaka shrine

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