Kodai-ji Temple

Kodai-ji Temple, formally known as the Kodaijusho-zenji Temple, is located in the Higashiyama mountains of Kyoto. It was established in 1605 by the noblewoman Kita-no-Mandokoro in memory of her late husband, Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Temple are famous for the "Kodaiji Makie", a well-known gold-relief lacquer work.

Храм Кодайдзи (Kodai-ji Temple)

The stroll garden around the lake was reportedly designed by Korobi Enshu and has been designated as a Historic and Scenic Site by the goverment.

Karesansui Garden or "dry landscape” garden is desinged for meditation.

Карэ сансуй - сад дзен
Карэ сансуй - сад дзен

A bamboo grove is located near the Kodai-ji Temple.

Бамбуковая роща.

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