The Gold Ring of Russia: Yaroslavl Pictures

In 1010 г. on the high bank of river Volga grand duke Yaroslav the Wise had found fortress and named it Yaroslavl. For the first time Yaroslav was mentioned in chronicle in 1071.

In 1996 monument to Yaroslav the Wise was put on the square near the Kremlin. People estimated sculptor work and called the munument "The fellow with cake". Under "the cake" they mean model of the Kremlin which is holded by stone Yaroslav on his palm.

chaple near the Kremlin The fellow with cake monastery the wall

Saviour - Transfiguration monastery was found in the second part of the XII century. In 1774 here was open one of the first in Russia theological seminary. In the end of the XVIII century "Word of the Igor regiment" was found in monastery library. After 1658, then burned-out the ancient Kremlin have lost defence importance, Saviour-Transfiguration monastery rounded by stone walls become the mail fortress of Yaroslavl.

belfry view from the wall belfry

We walk on the wall.

на стене

Painting on the gate of the Saviour - Transfiguration monastery.


Znamenskaya tower or Znamenskie Gate.

I was astonish by it. Why? You are walking in town and - ops! The tower! No walls. No buildings. Nothing! Just the tower.

Znamenskaya tower

Wooden house.

Wooden house.

The first Russian theatre.
In 1748г. was found drama group and after two years the first play "Esfir" by Rasin was played.

The morden building of theatre was built in 1911.

The first Russian theatre

Fedor Volkov, the founder of the first Russian public theatre was born in 1729 in Kostroma. Hi studied in Yaroslavl, Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. Visiting of Italian theatre Saint-Petersburg persuaded Volkov in necessity to create Russian theatre.

Fedor Volkov, the founder of the first Russian public theatre

View on shopping mall. It's funny. There is the Red square in Yaroslavl!

shopping mall

Yaroslavl streets:

Kirov St.,
Sovetskaya St.

View on the Red square. Pervomajskaya St.


Kirov St. Sovetskaya St. View on Red square

This is the Red Square! Frankly speaking I was very astonished then I looked on the Yaroslavl map and found this square. However if there is the Kremlin in the town why can't be the Red Square? By the way before 1918 it was called Semenovskaya.

The Fire-tower was building in 1911.

The Red slope toward the Volga.

fire-tower Red slope toward the Volga

In the middle of the Soviet square (former the Ilyinskay square) stands one of the magnificent monument of Yaroslavl spiritual architecture - Iliya Prophet Church. The temple was been building in 1647-1650 on funds of reach yaroslavian merchants Skripins.

There are glazed tiles on the fender of the church.

Iliya Prophet Church Iliya Prophet Church

The Nikola Rubleny Church - the only conserved church of the Yaroslavl Kremlin of XVII century.

Nikola Rubleny Church

The Station.
Good bye, Yaroslavl!

Station "Yaroslavl the main"

Glazed tiles

somebody on the wolf deer animal bird double eagle

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