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Prior to the French Revolution, the Domaine de Versailles covered an area of 7800 hectares, i.e. the present area of the city of Paris. It was surrounded by a wall of 43 kilometres. Today the open air museum represents 800 hectares, much of which is landscaped in the classic French Garden style.

the Domaine de Versaillesthe Domaine de Versailles


Peter the Great was struck by beauty and greatness of the Domaine de Versailles. So he ordered to build a copy near Saint-Petersburg. Name of Russian version of Versailles is Petergof.

the Domaine de Versaillesthe Domaine de Versailles
the Domaine de Versaillesthe Domaine de Versailles
the Domaine de VersaillesThe Grand Canal

The Dragon Basin, the fountain of wich - the highest in the Park - reaches a height of 23 metres.

The Dragon BasinThe Dragon Basin

Interiors of the Palace of Versailles.


Windows of the Palace of Versailles: different shapes and strange views.


A window handle.

window handle

The Hall of Mirrors (La Galerie des Glaces) during restoration process. On the third picture you cam see old mirrors.

Length of the hall is 73 metres. The principal feature of this famous hall is the seventeen mirror-clad arches that reflect the seventeen arcaded windows that overlook the gardens. Each arch contains twenty-one mirrors with a total complement of 357 used in the decoration of the Galerie des Glaces.

The Hall of Mirrors (La Galerie des Glaces)The Hall of Mirrors (La Galerie des Glaces)The Hall of Mirrors (La Galerie des Glaces)

Men who I love. :)


Did you see the globe of France? :)

the globe of France

Marie-Antoinette's Estate

The Grand Trianon was designed and build 1687 by Mansart. It was used by all of France's sovereigns up to Napoleon III. A part of the Grand Trianon has become the official residence for guests for the French President.

The Grand TrianonThe Grand Trianon

The English Garden

Sacrificing a part of the botanical garden of Louis XV, Marie-Antoinette asked her architect Richard Mique and the painter Huber Rober to create a more picturesque garden, in the English-style. It's made up of an undulating stream, punctuated with follies, lawns, perspectives and serpantine paths.

The English GardenThe English Garden
The English GardenThe English Garden



Climbing ivy made second walls for this house.

house with ivy

Blooming roses aren't common for Russians in November.


The Queen's Hamlet

Following the example of the Prince de Condé at Chantilly, the Queen wanted her own village to provide country amusements for herself and her children. From 1782 to 1785 R. Mique built the Hamlet, in the Norman-style, taking his inspiration from the drawings of the painter H. Rober. Twelvw cottages encicled by vegetable and flower garden were originally arranged around the Grend Lac.

The Queen's HamletThe Queen's Hamlet
The Queen's HamletThe Queen's Hamlet

A short distance away was the Farm from where the Queen received milk that she served in Paris porcelain in the Refreshment Dairy. The Refreshment Dairy is situated at the foot of the Fishery, also known as the Marlborough Towel.


Marlborough Tower and Refreshments DairyMarlborough Tower

Marie-Antoinette had her own house, which was the only one to be roofed with tiles. The ground floor comprised a single dining room, while the first floor was made up of a guardroom, a living room and a game room.

House was connected to the Billiard Room by a wooden gallery.

Qeuun's Housewooden gallerythatched roof

The Mill with waterwheel.


The MillThe MillThe Mill

The vineyard.


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