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The Gate-Tower was constructed in 1691-1692 at the Nicolo-Korelsky monastery which is situated on the shores of the White Sea.

Gate-Tower from Nicolo-Korelsky Monastery

The circular bell-tower of St.George was built next to the Church of the Ascension by an unknown architect in the first half of the 16th century.

Bell-Tower of St.GeorgeBell-Tower of St.George

The Church of the Icon of Our Lady of Kazan (or the Kazan Church) built in 1644-1670s has survived to the present day.

Church of the Icon of Our Lady of KazanChurch of the Icon of Our Lady of Kazan
Church of the Icon of Our Lady of KazanChurch of the Icon of Our Lady of Kazan

The Church of the Ascension, built as a palace church in 1532, is the earliest and the most significant of Kolomenskoyes buildings. It is supposed that the Church of the Ascension is a votive church constructed by Vasily III as an offering of thanks for the birth of his long-awaited son Ivan, to be known as Ivan the Terrible.

Church of the AscensionChurch of the Ascension

The Vodovzvodnaya Tower, constructed in the 1670s.

Church of the Ascension and Vodovzvodnaya (water) Tower

The landscape park with the Linden alley dated by I th. . in the centre of Kolomenskoye is a lovely piece of garden architecture; and the alley of ancient oaks situated not far from "Sytny Dvor" (The place where the provisions were stored and dishes for the tsar's family were cooked) is the pride and joy of the museum.
Those ancient trees are as old as 400 to 600 years of age; they are the oldest in Moscow area.

ancient oak Lisa nearby oak

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