Russian cuisine

Okroshka (cold coup)

Cucumber, verdure (fennel, parsley, onion etc.), garden radish (or black radish), boiled eggs and meet, salt, sour cream, kvass; hot boiled potato.

Grate the cucumber and garden radish. Cut the verdure, eggs and meet. Add salt and mix. Break down into soup-plate, pour kvass, add the table-spoon of sour cream.

Serve up with hot boiled potato.

Hint: Can on cubes the cold boiled potato and add it into Okroshka.
You can use the kefir with cold boiled water instead kvass and sour cream.


1 kg rye-bread, 6 liters water, 25 gr. yeast, 1 table-spoon of wheat flour, 10 gr. mint, 300 gr. sugar.

Cut the bread by small piece and dry in oven. Pour rusk by boiled water. Filter the infusion after 10-12 hour. Mix the yeast and flour in few part of rusk infusion and leave in a warm place until it has visibly risen. Boil the mint in part of rusk infusion, add sugar.

When the yeast risen, pour it in rusk infusion add mint with sugar, mix, cover by napkin and leave in a warm place until the thick foam appear on the top. Take away it accurately, filter the liquid, bottle one not up to the top. Close up bottles with covers and leave it in a cold place. Kvass will ready in 12 hours.


For a stuffing it is possible to use meat forcemeat of miscellaneous sorts, mixed together with shallowly cutted onion and attachment of pepper and garlic, it is possible to do forcemeat meat with attachment of vegetables leaked through meat grinder.

For the pastry: 2 cups of a flour, 1/2 cup of milk, 1/3 cup of water, 1 tea spoon of vegetable oil, 1 egg, salt - all are careful knead, to section into three - four parts, roll each part in a braid and cut on slices - size as walnut coal. Each slice finely unroll and put on middle a stuffing. Pinch edges as crescent and join tips densely. Pour water in a saucepan , salt and boil. Pull down pel'meni in boiling water and, as soon as pel'meni will float - to take out them from water. Give sour cream, mustard, a cetum and different sauces to hot pel'meni . It is possible to give a broth separately , in which one the pel'meni were cooked, and it is possible to give pel'meni together with this broth.

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