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The Wall

The textiles. It's a part of a flowerbed on the Volkov square. And that is slope on right bank of river Tom.

camomile bushes

It's old bridge over the Tom.


Lena called this root "squid"
"Advertisement of tights" on the "squid". If you don't understand this is my photo by Nikita.

squid Advertisement of tights

I think this "traffic" signs must call "Not anchor!". Why it is on rock?
(photo by Nikita)

Not anchor!

Vegetation on the wall like an artificial ornamental flowerpot with flower. It's too much beautiful and regular.

artificial ornamental flowerpotartificial ornamental flowerpot

It's "Stairs in havens" exactly! Old and warp metal stairs leads from steep bank into Tom, there unreal blue sky reflects. "There is a town under blue sky..."

tairs in havens

Next "stairs in nowhere". I'm very luck for meet it.

stairs in nowhere stairs in nowhere

The wall.
View from above. From previous stairs.

The wallView from above

It's "ornamental flowerpot" on the Wall.
That is "Hole" in the Wall. Hole leads somewhere, but we didn't investigate it.

artificial ornamental flowerpot hole

There was bank it is water now. And the Wall become pier.
Sunset near the Wall.


Well. It's frightful and smoked. Nikita came down inside and photographed it.

well inside well

Irina Samonova
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