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Smell of thousand grass...

The spring come in in the Pine forest. Smell of thousand grass has gone to your head. And you cannot help breathe with whole breast and take dizzy...

motley grass

It's a fairy tale! Everything are in flower. Yellow flowers have carpet glades.

motley grass

It's the familiar pussy-willow. Are you recognized it? This was like a downy lump. :).


The sun peeped out from trees and light a unremarkable stump. That is a miracle! But throught 5 minutes everything would restored. Look out!


It's a stupendous beautiful caterpillar. Do-o-o-o-ownly. :)


That is already in the town. Only this spring I have noticed HOW fir needle are grow up. I admire that how is wonderfully to keep one's eyes open!


Irina Samonova
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