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Koshoji Temple

Koushouji (Koshoji, superliteral reading "Spread Correct Temple", or more figuratively "Evangelion Temple") is a True Pure Land Buddhist monastery of the Shinshuu Koushouha ("True Pure Land Evangelistos").

In 1591 Koushouji and Honganji moved to its present site and operated like a single temple. The original Koushouji temple took 128 years to complete and was designated one of the Three Greatest Architectures of Japan. In 1876, the 27th head priest, Honjaku Shonin, declared Koushouji an independent temple and established the Shinshuu Koushouha.

Koushouji burned down again in 1902 in an accident. The 28th head priest, Honjo Shonin, rebuilt the complex as it was before. It was completed in only 10 years.

Part of the Koushouji complex is a modern building called the Koushou Kaikan (Evangelion Meeting Hall). This includes a dining room for visitors and guests, and an overpriced restaurant. They also teach English and yoga. High schools frequently stay there in the fall.


Koshoji TempleKoshoji TempleKoshoji Temple
Koshoji TempleKoshoji TempleKoshoji Temple
Koshoji TempleKoshoji TempleKoshoji Temple
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Nishi/Higashi Honganji Temple

Higashi Honganji, officially known as Shinshu Honbyo, is the mother temple of the Shinshu Otani-ha branch of Jodo Shinshu (Shin Buddhism), whose founder is Shinran. It's one of the largest Buddhist denomination in Japan.

The founder's Hall (Goei-do) is one of the largest wooden constructions in the world, was rebuilt in 1895.

The image of Amida Buddha is enshrined on the altar in the Amida Hall (Amida-do).

Amida Hall (Amoda-do)the Foundr's hall (Goei-do)Higashi Honganji Temple
цветущая сакураворота из сада

Founder's Hall Gate (Goei-do Mon).

This immense gate, built in 1911, is one of Kyoto's largest.

Founder's Hall Gate (Goei-do Mon)Founder's Hall Gate (Goei-do Mon)

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