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winter 2011

Kemerovo is located in the West Siberia, Russia :). It is the capital of the coal region called Kusbass.

So let's start our short trip from the downtown. Traditionally Square of Soviets is decorated by ice sculptures in winter.

 Кемерово Кемерово Кемерово

Funny fact: Lenin on the monument is wearing a lady's coat. :)


From Square of Soviets we are going to Pushkin's Square. If you are still in the foggiest who Mr. Pushkin is I must tell you he is the greatest Russian poet.

 Кемерово Кемерово Кемерово


The Pushkin's Square.

 Кемерово Кемерово
 Кемерово Кемерово Кемерово

Since 1967 USSR used Molniya (meaning "lightning") satellites to broadcast national Orbita television network. This is one of "Orbita" station. Now it's out of work and becomes a museum.

While searching for information about the Orbita I found out that there is an asteroid named after our town.

приёмная станция космической связи «Орбита», Кемерово приёмная станция космической связи «Орбита», Кемерово приёмная станция космической связи «Орбита», Кемерово

Graffiti reminds me about St. Petersburg and dice on a bench about Magic: the Gathering. :)

 Кемерово Кемерово

We are on the river Tom bank now. The embankment is very popular place for walking. But today is Monday, work-time and the weather isn't very warm -20°C, so I didn't meet a lot of people. Frankly speaking most of them were workers removing snow from the streets.

On the opposite bank of the Tom you can see large yellow letter "Kuzbass". The locals call them "our Hollywood".

 Кемерово Кемерово

Look on the right, look on the left... In the centre you can see The eternal flame at the Monument to honour the heroes of the Great Patriotic War. People call it "file" because of its shape. Here the newly married couples lay a flowers on. And in my school years there was "the post number one". Young Komsomol members were standing near the memorial armed and immobile even in nipping frost.

 Кемерово Кемерово Кемерово

We are passing by Vesennyaya (means Spring) street.

 Кемерово Кемерово

There are always a lot of doves near the bus stop "the Drama Theatre".

 Кемерово Кемерово

Behind the Drama theatre we can see the "monument to perished rabbits". Can you recognize rabbit's hears? ;). Of course it's a local joke. Really this is the monument to the Soviet-Hungarian Friendship.

If you were attentive you could notice how funny street lights are changing from the beginning of the avenue until they turned in to ice-cream bowls full of snow.

 Кемерово Кемерово Кемерово

When I was a student there was "Technical book" shop in this building. I spent a lot of time (and money) there — "We will discuss HTML and C++, aha". :)

No dachshunds on Vesennyaya avenue! :)

 Кемерово Кемерово

So it's the opposite edge of Vesennyaya avenue — the Volkov's Square. Michailo Volkov discovered coal here, in Kuzbass. His monument holds a coal stone. There is a student legend about this monument. It says that Volkov will fall a stone if a virgin graduates from the Polytechnic Institute.

The advertisement reads: "Make a good work. Give up smoking!". I approve it.

площадь Волкова. Кемерово Кемерово

Not only in Brussels there are pictures on the walls.

 Кемерово Кемерово

This is building if city telephone network.

Funny fact: in 1999 the leader of this organization proclaimed: "The Internet is a fashion, it will be over."


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