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Winter in the pine forest

It's the classics: already bright needle's green against a crystal-clear blue sky background.

pine branch against sky background

Pines on a suny slope. One to one is slim and straight. And shadows are on the snow.

pines in the snow slope

Just pines. I like the almost branch, wich limit a frame from top.


Path run away under arch, there lo-o-o-o-ong snow-animal keeps quiet.


It's snow-animals - new kind of fur fauna. I name so snow "excrescences" on branches. It's seems they are alive animal, who masks themselves whith a snow. It have rather funny shape.


Light. The sunrays run through branches. In the Pine forest you can make sure that light move straight. :)

Pine forest: light and shadows

Picture by Nikita. By the way, the pine in center of photo was saw well in reality, but on the photo it's in a haze.

Pine forest: light and shadows

This picture was admire me. Pines and light. I think it deserve to be paint by artist.


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