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I about me-darling

It's very difficult to write about me-darling. I must be impartial, it not rather simple.

Family album

"The princes and princesses sit in trees - genealogical..."

She is summoning

Ballad by Fat Cat

Lisena (Lisa, Elisaveta Alexeevna)

About my daughter.

Lisena, Lisa, Elisaveta Alexeevna, Little Mouse.

tasty jam near the fountain walking knock-knock photomodel Lisa

My naughty daughter is sitting on a chair nearby me and talking. "Mammy, pour kefir!" Oh... It's neccessary to stand up, run to kitchen etc. In general I must divert from work. Child gets her "cup with mouse" ("It's Lisa's!!! Don't touch!"). By the way, I was forced to heat up kefir, because my quick-witted daughter opend a refrigarate and turned on the regulator on "seven", after that provision was crusted by ice.

I guess she'll want to hearing "Ali-Baba". No-o-o-o! Only not it! She can recite all of this "Persia", but it makes me sick. Yes, my intuition doesn't put me in spot, Mouse sings: "Persia, Persia, Persia..." :)

I can tell about Lisa a lot. For example, I often tell the phrase: "If you are visited by crazy idea to give birth to a kid you should consult with me. I'll lend my daughter on a day and your idea will disappear!" :)

Wise mister Ugolnikov said once: "Children are happiness, if they are asleep. :)

Lisa curiosity mouse Lisa

Lisa asks me to pour a tea. I'm busy. Her cup is on the kitchen. Lisa looks around and finds a"victim": "Aha... Nikita! He'll bring me the cap with the mouse!"

flowerbedIt's snow. The cat Bite comes back from a walk. Lisa (with expressive gesture) :
- Bite is wet! Yes, yes, rulezz forever!

Comments from people, who was present "It's neccesary to lean her to say: 'Windows - must die!'"

two blondsShe gets it in the bottom by a slipper. Takes the slipper and bring it to the bathroom, sit and crying.
- Lisa, why are you crying?
- (stop crying) Mather punished me, but I hided the slipper in the bathroom! (crying)
- You was naughty, wasn't you?
- (stop crying) Yes. (contunues crying)
- Are you don't want to clear away anything?
- (stop crying) Blocks.

reading winter doll house

She like to watch an animation cartoons. I think she also learned it, because she often quotes ones:

- What is color of the bus?
- Yellow! And it's remarkably!

- Lisa woud you like go for a walk?
- It's impossible!

animation cartoons Snow White at the theatre


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