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I about me-darling

It's very difficult to write about me-darling. I must be impartial, it not rather simple.

Family album

"The princes and princesses sit in trees - genealogical..."

She is summoning

Ballad by Fat Cat

Lisena (Lisa, Elisaveta Alexeevna)

About my daughter.


Лиза на выпускном

Then Lisa was five years old (now she is 20 and she is a thшrd year medical student), she didn't want to admit this fact. "I'm a little!" - my Baby Mouse declared.

She is attractive, clever and naughty (hereditary "defect" :). She is independent and very creative girl. Certainly all children are the pattern of creative mode of life. It's pity than we have growed we forgot about it in fuss of weekdays.

Lisa likes reading and playing computer games. She also play Magic: the Gathering.

Lisa's baby photoalbum


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