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Is it your first time here?

I about me-darling

It's very difficult to write about me-darling. I must be impartial, it not rather simple.

Family album

"The princes and princesses sit in trees - genealogical..."

She is summoning

Ballad by Fat Cat

Lisena (Lisa, Elisaveta Alexeevna)

About my daughter.

Family album

It's rather funny to see child's photos. It's as live own life anew. To look on young parents, who was photographed at the time, where you wouldn't in project. It's very interesting to recognize your father in a ten-yeas boy.

I see on this old pictures and wonder relatives. How it is strange to see own grandmothers like young and attractive girls. How it's pleasure to find in own face same features. How it's wonderful to muddle a cousin with an aunt.

Old photos is faded and scratched. It is always affecting. As for me, it is my roots. As for you, my fried, it's only history. History in the persons.

My great-grandmother and great-grandfather. Petr Fedorovich and Anna Andreevna Krylovs. Their daughter Lidia is mother of me father.

Krylovs. My forefathers is marked.


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My grandfather Michael Samonov and his father Dmitry.


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