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I about me-darling

It's very difficult to write about me-darling. I must be impartial, it not rather simple.

Family album

"The princes and princesses sit in trees - genealogical..."

She is summoning

Ballad by Fat Cat

Lisena (Lisa, Elisaveta Alexeevna)

About my daughter.

Doctor Who and me

Photo: Doctor Who 50th Anniversary, London.

She is me or I am she. Maybe they don't exist both. Virtual part presents here, but nobody knows of real one.

So, who am I? Homo. Obviously. Sapiens? From time to time. In general I have easy to combine an exceptional discretion with light insanity. How? "Nazgul has know". I can combine incompatible things.

So. I'm a woman. I'm larger and plump. Maybe it makes me sweet-tempered. Do you remember "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"?

What is next? Who am I any more? I'm a daughter of my parents. A kid, they say. I think it's rather difficult for mature person feels oneself a child.

I'm a proud mother of third year medical student. My daughter is а naughty angel (or not an angel? :)

What about my job?

I'm a mathematician by education. I graduated with honors math department of the Kemerovo State University and had taught there the mathematical analysis during 8 years. Now I work as a SMM-manager.

I'm a lvl2 Magic judge. It's my semi professional hobby.


Irina Samonova
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